City of Oakland Rent Adjustment Board


The RAP has been around since 1980. RAP handles disputes between tenants and property owners. RAP does not provide legal help or advise. This website covers the RAP process and laws, tenant and owner rights and responsibilities, and online petitioning.

City of Berkeley Rent Stabilization Program


The mission of the Rent Stabilization Board is to regulate residential rent increases in the City of Berkeley and to protect against unwarranted rent increases and evictions and to provide a fair return to property owners. The Board works to ensure compliance with legal obligations relating to rental housing; and to advance the housing policies of the City with regard to low and fixed income persons, minorities, students, disabled, and the aged. 


City of Richmond Rent Program

Questions about your notice of rent increase, termination of tenancy, or change in terms of tenancy? Staff will review the rent increase or termination of tenancy notices and inform you if your landlord is in compliance with the Richmond Rent Program.


City of Hayward Residential Rent Program

The purpose of the Residential Rental Inspection Program (Hayward Municipal Code SEC 9-5.) is to provide safe and healthy housing choices through the safeguarding and preservation of the City's housing stock. Additionally it is the program's mission to assure that all housing is maintained in accordance with adopted codes as well as minimum California State Housing Standards.


California Court Self-Help Center


Access information about evictions, foreclosures, and security deposits. Find instructions, forms, and answers to frequently asked questions.


Tenants Together


Tenants Together is dedicated to defending and advancing the rights of California tenants to safe, decent and affordable housing.